Friday, March 25, 2011


Lately, and by that I mean about two years, I have been sewing a lot of simple things. Smaller things like hats, scarves and other accessories as well as children's items, some pillows, curtains, aprons, purses.
I haven't had a lot of extra time, but that is not the main reason. I am big and not happy about it. It is hard to dress a body you are not happy with. Nothing looks flattering to my eyes. However, none of my older clothes are going to look flattering to anyone else either. Really, it shouldn't matter. No one cares what I wear. I am not a celebrity or public figure. I really admire women like Carolyn and Angie, who are larger than your average model, but dress to please themselves. They are well dressed and I am not. I really need to look to them as examples. I don't have to be happy with my weight, but I really should tart up this old body to look the best it can now while working on that aspect.


Irene said...

Making an effort to "put yourself together" every day is really worth it. When I do so, I am far more productive, happier and in a much better frame of mind overall. And then there are those "other" days... but we won't talk about those. Blame the weather - just the thought of having to layer endless stuff to stay warm, takes all the fun out of coming up with an "outfit of the day".

Anonymous said...

And you are so very beautiful. So don't worry if you are not the size you want to me. Show off that glowing face and hair, and dress your body lovingly. That's my philosophy, anyway.

Karen aka Karendee

Ruthie said...

Dear lovely Merry Patter, you are precious and beautiful just the way you are, allow yourself to be kind to yourself and make a few pretty things. Try eating healthily, making time to exercise a little. Perhaps seek medical advice to see if you have an underlying problem in terms of thyroid or depression. I would love to see anything you are creating right now :-) Love and hugs from Ruthie

Patricia said...

Thanks Irene, Karen and Ruthie. I have been working on it, but finding it hard. We had a horrible long and icy winter and I have injured my back to the two together really brought me down. It is nice now though so I am trying to take advantage.