Monday, January 3, 2011

applique pictures

My friend and neighbour has a business where she electronically puts children's artwork onto various products like shoe and tote bags, aprons, etc.
She has made a few mistakes over the years and to salvage some of the product she asked me to make up some appliques and sew them over the previous artwork. Here are some of the pictures I did.
She didn't like these flowers so I did the garden ones below. They were more to her liking and went onto some tote bags.

Foxes and elephants. These went onto shoe bags. Hard to sew!

Frogs and Elephants.

I still have the frogs. She didn't like the textured fabric on the froggy bodies. Oh, well.
I used various fabrics for these. No purchase was made to salvage the waste! Some of the stitching was free motion straight stitch and some was satin stitch. I still have the floral on purple and the frogs so I need to think of something to do with them. Suggestions welcome!


Irene said...

These are adorable! A lot of work/time, though, to cover up mistakes?

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

They are all so cute! I love the elephants!

Could you use the frogs and applique them on one of your kids top. Or on a lunch bag might be cute.

velosewer said...

They are cute and I love the textured frog. He could go on a swim bag or camping bag.