Monday, April 12, 2010

Leaf Hat

Crowning glory Trees
Trunks Lining in shot silk
Tam on a ham!
This hat was made in the theme of "Trees". I was very literal in my interpretation but it has some subtle Canadian symbolism thrown in. The dark base has copper flecks is represents the Canadian Shield and our natural resources which form the base of our geography and our economy, the top represents our society's basis on a cultural mosaic, and throughout the leaves and lining the top is a red/turquoise shot silk that represents the French/English union that our country was founded on.
I used the scarf technique of bias strips of silk and wool to represent tree trunks and the leaf applique for the tree top. I hoped to put it in a juried show but am not sure if I will since I missed my shipping deadline. I thought it was due next weekend. Ooops.
I am trying to reach a Guild member who is travelling with a car load of items to drop off but cannot find her email.
Now to think of a name. "Slip into Fall" is the current favourite.
I love the name Rosalind has suggested- Leaves Falling Overhead- and so it has been named. Thanks Rosalind!


Rosalind said...

That is really effective and the colours are just lovely.
I am always stumped when coming up with names too! Only one I came up with was "Falling Leaves Overhead".

Kathryn, aka fzxdoc said...

That is amazingly gorgeous, MaryPat. I like Rosalind's name for it as well. Best of luck! I hope you win!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It looks amazing and so much thought went into it's making so it's extra special, I love the name too!
Good Luck, I hope you get it there in time :)