Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting better

This is probably the best it has looked in a LONG time! I stopped counting how many of the clear plastic leaf bags of stuff that went out the door. The local chapter of the Canadian Embroiderer's Guild received two bags of scraps and a bag of tearaway pieces and the daycare got about ten bags total. I stuck my head in the office at the daycare today and it was pretty tidy, so they dispersed it quickly.
The dresses I make for the dancers are almost all custom made, so they each have a paper pattern made with a design drawn on in pencil, then traced over with a black sharpie. I don't need the patterns, but keep them for a while in case the dress needs to be altered or if there is a question from the purchaser, who might live anywhere in the world. Well, a "little while" turned into years and I bagged up and filled three leaf bags with patterns alone. Now the kids at daycare can colour, cut or paint front bodice panels and side skirt panels and sleeves to their heart's content!
The rest of my house looks amazing. No clutter anywhere! Of course, this means you can see how much the trim needs painting, so that will be the weekend's chore.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great to hear you are making progress :) Cleaning just feels good, especially if you're sharing with people/groups that will truly appreciate the "goods" :) being shared. I haven't unpacked "any" sewing boxes yet and I know when I do there will be more sorting going on!
I can see where you would keep all the patterns you make, for some reason I can't (couldn't) throw out the ones I made up either,but the move helped me let go of the ones I knew I wouldn't use again.
I like you shelve set up. It's an excellent way to store your fabric, it can easily be seen and sorted through. I also love the garment on your form :) It's looking gorgeous.

Linda said...

Wow, I am impressed. It is good to share items with other groups/charities.

gwensews said...

You are on a cleaning marathon, girl! I should take a clue!