Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Embroiderer's Guild

I joined the evening group of the Canadian Embroiderer's Guild in my city again. I haven't been a member for a few years. It was too hard with working full time and being pregnant or with a little baby. I ended up missing so many meetings that I just gave up.
Well I made it to the first meeting, then had to work during the second. I showed up last week, but it was the wrong night. However, they hold a first Tuesday meetup at the church, so I was able to catch up with Maria (one teacher of the course I had missed) and get an update and some paper work.
Last night was the election, then after supper Maisie had a meltdown. Finally I got her dad to take her upstairs and I snuck out. I couldn't get my Guild bag, but I knew I had some crocheting in my purse. Everyone was so nice about it. Grace (the other teacher) let me use her example hoop and fabric to practise some stitches on and then someone else whom I had never met gave me some of her fabric, needles and thread to work with.
I didn't get any crotcheting done, but the camaraderie was great.

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