Friday, December 7, 2007

Some sewing for myself

I have been trying to get away from the red/black colour scheme I have worn for so many years. As I get older, it is not longer flattering on me. I am trying to use brown with blue and or teal. The trouble is that my accessories are all suited to black. It is an expensive and time consuming proposition to move away from that.
I have wanted a new handbag for a while now and have not been able to find one I like. I happened upon some brown leather in my attic, left behind by a friend years ago. I have carried it around for nealy 20 years, so I figure it is mine now (she has long agreed to that, but I still resisted using it in case she wanted it). I had a style in mind, but have never made a purse before, so decided to try one right from the package. Here is the result:
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The outer fabic is from Emma One Sock and it is lined with a synthetic suede from Timmel Fabrics.
I had a few problems with the binding on the top edge, but it looks Ok from the outside. I am not usually one to accept that, but this was a first attempt and a real learning experience.

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RuthieK said...

Absolutely gorgeous bag. I really really like it. Its very professional looking, and in colours I would want to steal for myself ahem :-)